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Our service is built with our aim is to supply customer experience that they can understand easily printing process


The Design Process

To start your order we have a few stages of design. Ready for use artwork means you have artwork does not need altered for use. Pending Approval means that we have completed your artwork or made necessary edits and is awaiting final approval before production. On hold means that your artwork has a necessary change in order to be used and is awaiting payment on the art to move forward. All artwork will be pre approved by you so that your custom design will be just as you envisioned it.

Artwork can be a very quick process most of the time and the sooner we get a ready for use image with your approval the quicker we can schedule your job for production.

All File Types Are Accepted


All file types can be made print ready although to avoid art charges please provide vector artwork for spot colors or color separated images to size at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). To create a high quality screen print you want to have a nice solid line which is not achievable with a pixelated bitmap image. These type of files need to be converted to vector and start out at a $25 conversion fee, and go up based on complexity and size. Keep in mind that in printing your images in a large format such as a banner if you stretch a bitmap to size it will normally be a very low resolution print unless you have a very high quality image, verify your artwork before the order is placed. Please Send your artwork too Sales@TheTruthPrinting.com



Pixelation is caused by a bitmap being displayed at such a large size that the image is distorted. We can solve your pixelation by a simple vector conversion, please email any questions you may have with attached images to Approval@TheTruthPrinting.com.

Placement & Centering


When decorating garments for screen printing or embroidery we will place your designs based off of a standardized placement chart found HERE. If you have any specific placement needs please be sure to note them in the ordering process.

Removing Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images


If you do not have print ready artwork you can expect to see a background on your uploaded image in the custom designer. We will be able to remove this but, it is a service that also starts at $25 to prepare the art.

Color Changes


Many screen prints can be used across a variety of different color and style of garments but not always. You must take into account the color ofthe garment in screen printing, if you have a black shirt and want a red ink on it I would highly recommend a white underbase for a vibrant red. Think about a red crayon on black construction paper, it is not a vibrant red. That same crayon on white paper is, that is due to the color underneath. When screen printing you must print a white ink first and then put the red over the top to ensure a nice vibrant red. Although the muted , or vintage look can be desired in some cases as well.

Changing Your Uploaded Design


Using the custom Designer , you can still edit and change fonts and colors to get just the right look. If you need help with a design and you have ready to go artwork or need something simple like a color adjustment or a font and placement please let the designers here at Truth Printing help we would be more than happy to!

Print Size On Orders With Youth And Adult Apparel


When ordering for a wide range of youth and adult sizes you can order two ways. One, you can size the print to look fine across youth small sizes all the way to your larger adult sizes. Or two you can buy separate youth and adult sized prints for the two different size scales.


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