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What is Vinyl and Wide Format?

Vinyl is seen almost everyday in all forms advertising signage, vehicle graphics or car wraps, and even car decals. Wide format is the same in the sense that you see it everyday, from billboards to printed advertisements on walls or hanging in places like the mall. Both forms of advertisement can be very beneficial as a custom banner in a busy area can bring in many potential sales that other wise may have never heard of your business or event.


Where will your banner be used?

Banners can be made a few different ways depending on your needs. Vinyl Banners are very versatile meaning you can use them almost anywhere indoors or out and for things such as Backdrops for photo shoots or advertising outdoors. Fabric banners are more of an indoor application but are normally sublimated polyester and can be a very appealing look for high resolution graphics indoors.

Banner Turnaround

Banners are delivered within a 5-10 business day turnaround.

Why choose Truth Printing for your banners?

Truth Printing offers $3.95 a sq ft on printed banners and lightning quick turn around! .

How Do I Place An Order for a custom banner?

Placing an order for a custom banner is easy just give a call !(316) 305 4874 or email us at info@TheTruthPrinting.com and one of our project specialists will be happy to help get you started.


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